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Espiègle is a rhythm generator containing a quantifiable randomness with several modes available:
– Heads and Tails : This mode simulates the game of “Heads or Tails”: You toss a coin in the air and if the coin lands on heads you win.
– Clock Divider/Multiplier : This mode allows you to choose the integer (from 1 to 64) by which you wish to divide or multiply each of the inputs.
– Russian Roulette : This mode represents a sequence of 8 or 16 steps (symbolised by a gun barrel). The number of “bullets” defines the number of shots in the sequence which will then be arranged randomly. This makes it possible to generate rhythmic sequences that have the same number of beats.
– Rhythmic Sequencer : This 16 step rhythmic sequencer is more traditional. It allows you to choose rhythms from a library.
– Euclidean Circles : this algorithm is now well known in the modular world. With Espiègle There is 4 circles. You can choose the number of steps in the circle (from 1 to 128). You can choose the difference of steps between circles, the density of beats in the circle and the the offset between each circles.



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