Curious, passionate by music, geek in his spare time and working in the scientific field for 20+ years, Alain the founder of WaveLicker bring his competencies and magic to the analog electronic and microcontroller programming art. WaveLicker invites musicians to push the boundaries of their own creativity.

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WaveLicker modules are first and foremost tailor-made for musicians and then offered to everyone.

Our Creation Steps

Playing music first —

The right size

Because size matters in the modular world, the modules are designed to group all the functionalities in the smallest number of HPs while keeping ergonomics pleasant for the musician.


Our modules are assembled by hand and tested before shipping.


Transparency is important to us. So we communicate with you throughout the purchasing process. We are also here for any questions.


Despite taking all possible care during manufacturing and delivery. If you have any issue with one of our modules, we are here to fix it.


Built with passion, buy with confidence.

The design of WaveLicker modules is driven by the heart, from manufacturing to shipping.

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Doing crazy things in a serious way.

Alain Gillieron - WaveLicker Founder
WaveLicker, an artisan technician, listens to musicians. Precious and indispensable support!
Coralie Ehinger - Theremin Player (Aka Therminal C)
Alain from WaveLicker is a great guy with great ideas! His knowledge of electronic and synth make possible the impossible! I'm proud to had the privilege to collaborate with him on some modules. Thanks Alain.
Gabriel Scotti - Film Music Composer