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Most WaveLicker modules are the result of collaborations with musicians. It is an exciting challenge to be able to fulfill the wishes of the sound maker by combining analog, digital and a know-how acquired in a self-taught way.

Our Creation Steps

Ideation phase

Ideas for new modules arise from exciting discussions with musicians: they have specific needs and this is how often collaborations are born. It is often from the first discussions that a sketch of the module is made.

Design a circuit

Once the need has been defined, a first draft of a circuit is produced in the form of a sketch.


Now is the time to test the circuit. Using a perforated plate called a breadboard and a quantity of small colored cables.

Circuit Drawing

Then follows the drawing of the Electronic Schema in a digital way. This step will then make it possible to make the electronic circuit and send the plans to a company specializing in circuit printing.
The modules are designed using KiCad. Each year, WaveLicker supports the development of this great and free software by making a donation.


Finally, the components are welded to the plate to give life to this new module. Sometimes there are hiccups, but oftentimes it is the occasion to drink a good local beer.

What makes WaveLicker modules so cool —


All our modules are assembled by hand in Switzerland in the pretty little village of Etoy.

Made with passion

Each module is made with heart from design to assembly and finally to the chosen goodies that you will find in the box.

Tailored for musiciens

Most of our modules come from collaboration with musicians.


Each module is tested after assembly. Quality is important to us, so if, despite our best efforts, there should be a problem, we'll be there for you.


We are looking for the best compromise between module size and ergonomics for the musicians.


We are not interested in doing business on the backs of passionate musicians. The prices of our modules must remain affordable.

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