After tinkering for a long time, Alain learned electronics and microcontrollers programmation.
He designs modular synthesizers that he sells under the WaveLicker brand since 2016.


Passionate about synthesizers since my childhood, I gradually entered into the world of electronic music. Starting with triturating sounds with piezzo microphones, cheap effect pedals, or a master keyboard and various second-hand synthesizers.

In 2010, I found out the Dark Energy from Doepfer on a Youtube video. I was immediately intrigued by this black case with wood panels, without keyboard and which, in this video, made strange sounds. I ordered one, this being my first step into the modular synthesis world. This small machine with its many inputs and outputs immediately fascinated me. Very quickly, I wanted to increase the capacity of this instrument by using my soldering iron. Knowing nothing about electronics (except Ohm's Law learned during my physics classes), I noticed that if I modify an anti-mosquito by replacing a resistance with potentiometer and by changing a capacitor, I can obtain a square oscillator at low frequency allowing modulating the inputs of my Dark Energy. I also built a white noise generator. Then quickly enough, the manufacture of a wooden box became a necessity in order to accommodate the modules I created and for which I found the electronic schematics here and there.

In 2013, I discovered Arduino and my first attempt was to create a morse generator to reproduce the rhythm of Kraftwerk Radioactivity. Then, wanting to know more, I did a training in programming micro-controllers given by EPFL professors on the Coursera eLearning platform.

By increasing my knowledge about how different electronic circuits work and how to program processors, I wanted to build my own modules.

A few months later, at a conference taking place in Lausanne at the Festival Festival N/O/D/E and given by a very famous creator of synthesizer modules, genius in his field, it was a shock for me: I recognized myself in his testimony and I decided, at my modest small scale, to also begin the adventure.

In 2016, I found a name and logo matching me: WaveLicker

In July 2017, ViceEtVersa is released. It is the first module completely designed and built by myself. Many projects, too ambitious for a first draft, were put aside. This simple module allowed me to learn the complete process necessary to make an instrument of this type: drawing of the diagram, tests on breadboard, drawing of the printed circuit for printing in a manufacturer of PCB. As I am self-taught, the whole process had to be learned, took time and required correcting many beginner’s errors.

In parallel, I helped optimizing the code of the 888 synthesizers of the "Horizons Irrésolus" structure presented during the Electron Festival in a CERN hangar.

And I also created a device for the thereminist Coralie Ehinger. This interface allows her to trigger modular synthezisers sounds from the volume antenna of her “Etherwave Pro”, this function does not exist on this model of theremin. This prototype become later Thereminator.