How it works

ToyBoy allows you to modulate two CV inputs in attenuvertion using knobs and / or a PlayStation joystick.

The output « mix » is the sum of the two CVs. The gate output is activated when the joystick is pressed.

If no jack is connected to an input, then a fixed voltage is applied to it. This makes it possible to generate variable voltages from the potentiometer and / or the joystick.

This feature is convenient for adding an offset to a CV using the mix output.


Width : 8hp (40mm)
Depth : 35mm
+12V : 10mA
-12V : 4mA

Input CV : between -5V and +5V
Output CV : -10V to +10V
Gate output : about 10V

Patch ideas

Without any entry connected

– Connect the output X to a CV input (cuttof frequency of a filter for example).
– Connect the Y output to another CV input (amplitude of a VCA, for example).
Use the joystick to control both parameters with your finger.

With a LFO CV rate controlled

– Connect the X output to the LFO’s Rate input
– Connect the LFO output to the Y input of ToyBoy.
– Connect the Y output of ToyBoy to the cutoff of a filter for example.
Use the joystick to modulate the speed of the LFO and its intensity.

With a LFO

– Connect two waveforms of one LFO to the two CV inputs.
– Use the mix output whose shape can be modulated by the Joystick.

With a LFO

– Connect a waveform to the input X.
– Do not connect anything in Y.
– Use the mix output whose attenuvertion is modulated in X and offset in Y.

With an envelop and a VCA

– Connect ToyBoy gate output to an envelop that is connected to a VCA.
The envelop is trigged py pressing the joystickInput your text here! The text element is intended for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs.